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Talent Challenges

Employee -expectation management and talent retention are two critical challenges for the industry. In the current scenario, employees are looking for high salary hikes and performance bonuses. There is an upsurge in the construction of new properties, leading to increase in demand for the existing talent pool. Retention in this scenario will become critical.

Our Perspective

We have a highly professional team of consultants with core industry background that helps us collaborate with senior executives of organisations across all functions in addressing their hiring needs. Our dedicated team of professionals keeps itself abreast with the latest developments in this sector, ensuring that our clients get the best deal. The process involves sourcing from various sectors and allied industries because of a limited pool of candidates within the sector. We also help attract hospitality professionals from overseas to India.We specialize across all the disciplines including but not limited to:

Representative Searches

  • Chief Executive Officer, a Leading Property Developer
  • South Asia Regional Director, a Leading Departmental Store
  • Chief of Operations, Leading Diamond Retail Jewellery Store
  • Chief Inventory Control, a Leading Indian Retailer
  • Chief Financial Officer, a Global Leader in Premium Eyewear Market
  • Corporate Financial Controller, a Leading Chain of Hotels
  • Chief of Human Resource Officer, World's Leading Watchmakers
  • Chief Financial Officer, Leading Online Trading Community
  • Director - Legal, a Leading Airconditioning Company
  • Director - Marketing, World Leading Fast Food Chain of Restaurants
  • Director, Learning & Development - South Asia, a Leading Market Research Company
  • Director - Development/ Development Planning Manager, a Leading Chain of Luxury Hotels
  • Director - HR, India’s leading 5-star Deluxe Hotel Chain
  • Director - Sales, a Leading Luxury Hotel
  • Senior General Manager - Purchase, a Leading Airline Company
  • Vice President - Sales, World's Leading Watchmakers
  • Vice President, a Leading Indian Retailer
  • Head of Projects, World's Leading Budget Hotels
  • Head - Marketing, a Leading Retailer for Men‘s Apparel and Accessories