Contract Staffing

Short-term Solutions for your Long-Term Goals !!!
Contract / Temporary staffing solutions at SuretyJob are customized to meet specific client needs. Short-term projects require highly specialized skills and benefit from an infusion of the latest technical abilities. We draw on our research and profiling instruments to recruit and retain top-level contractors for organizations with rapidly changing IT & Non-IT staffing needs.

Start Growing Your Business with Our Contract Staffing Solutions
•    It’s about time.
Most of our recruiters come from the industry in which they recruit. Working within one of the world’s largest networks and armed with our proven, high-touch Accelerated Recruitment® approach, they quickly deliver experienced talent ready to make an immediate impact on your business.
•    It’s about talent.
Whatever your immediate need, we’ve got the ability and capacity to take on the challenge. We have access to highly-skilled professionals from a broad spectrum of disciplines — IT, accounting & finance, life sciences, engineering, legal, construction and just about any industry niche you can name. Have a complex or multiple staffing need? We can assemble an entire teams to tackle the assignment.
•    It’s about trust.
Our  recruiters undergo one of the toughest hiring processes in the business: Us. The people we hire make it their business to present you with the best talent and service on the planet. Supported by the world’s largest network of search and recruitment specialists, each one is prepared to deliver the right staffing solutions when you need them for as long as you need them.

Why HR Global Contract Staffing Solutions?
Our’s personalized contract staffing or temp staffing solutions facilitate our clients to reduce operating costs related to Human Resources, thereby enabling them to focus on its core business areas. Our process driven methodologies backed up by strict adherence to compliance enhances the value proposition to our clients. Pay Bharat’s team of dedicated and qualified specialist recruiters and process enablers ensures that transparent, efficient and effective processes are in place to cater to all the staffing requirements of our clients.

Contract Staffing Solutions for your Long-Term Staffing needs !!!
SuretyJob is emerging as one of the leading company in providing Contract Staffing services with a skilled and stable work force to various business organizations to accomplish both short/long term goals and objectives and it helps our clients to respond quickly and effectively to dynamic business opportunities.
At SuretyJob , we enable businesses to maximize profits while minimizing the effort, costs and paperwork associated with hiring an employee. We work as an extension of your team and handle payment of their salary, insurance, statutory contributions, managing and counseling them. So consider us your partners in human resources.
This leaves you to think about to focus on what’s best for your business and leave the rest to us. We can deliver on a short notice with turnaround times of 15 days or less and are armed with a talent pool who are readily at your disposal. We empower to have flexibility to scale your workforce on a project, or to simply explore human resource needs to gauge if an employee is a good fit for a position especially when you are working with the crème de la crème in your organization.