Life@ SuretyJob

SuretyJob is able to deliver leading-edge solutions consistently to our clients by bringing together highly talented people in an open, collaborative environment. It’s what makes daily challenges enjoyable and rewarding and is one of the reasons why the company is a Good Place To Work. With a combination of fun, enjoyment, benefits, employee engagement activities, and learning opportunities, we invest every day in our most important asset: our people.
“Our Success depends on our people”
We are come from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds and are able to work in a dynamic professional environment that values individual perspectives.
Working with SuretyJob is not just a job. It’s a journey, a learning experience. There’s so much to explore and hone your talent. SuretyJob has a challenging and enjoyable work environment that helps you to realize your potential.
For us, it’s important to nurture a culture that fosters collaboration, teamwork and individual growth. HR Global’s work culture and environment supports not only the work we do, but our people in a variety of ways.
We at SuretyJob recognize human resource as and the backbone of our long-term success and have consciously and consistently focused on increasing the value-add per employee.

“We believe in creating a great place for great people to do great work.”
Passion, Creativity, Fun, Flexibility, Drive and Energy – you will notice all these the moment you walk through our doors. Everyday we are pushing the limits of possibility and reaching beyond the horizon towards a better future. We love, appreciate and celebrate our work.
We emphasize on employees personal growth with a growing company. At Cognam, special efforts have been made to provide a work environment, which is fun and exciting. We are five days working and we offer Flexi timings to our employees.To sum it up, we make sure that our employees are perpetually productive and habitually happy. We are a culturally vibrant and socially participative organisation.
We believe that respect for the individual is as important as the organizational imperatives. Hence we maintain an uplifting ambience, nourishing environment and a rewarding culture.
Life at SuretyJob
Life here is full of action, fun and rewards. We hire talent from all parts of India, we encourage diversity of thought and action in every group and we celebrate all festivals. We share fun times such as picnics, birthday parties and games like cricket and volleyball – all in a day in the life of an HRGians.