Outsourcing & Off Shoring

Talent Challenges

The availability and likely demand for offshore talent are matched inefficiently, with demand outstripping availability in some locations and availability outstripping demand in others. While numbers reflect the availability of a large talent pool, the supply of "employable" talent is far less. Rising wages and high turnover among engineers—the professionals most in demand for IT services—provide evidence that local constraints on the supply of talent already exist.

Our Perspective

In this rapidly changing industry dynamics, our role is not limited to sourcing the right talent and working on the mandates given by the companies. We understand the challenges of hiring, retaining the right talent in the industry, and act as consultants to candidates as well as companies in advising them of the best choices. We understand a candidate’s profile, interests, skills, and match them with the requirements of the company. Mapping of right fit happens two ways – both for the employer as well as the employee. Our endeavour is to not to just help candidates get jobs, but to help them make great careers.We specialize across all the disciplines including but not limited to:

Representative Searches

  • Chief Operating Officer, Leading Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) firm
  • Chief Operating Officer, a Leading Financial Process Outsourcing Firm
  • Chief Operating Officer, Leading Business Process Outsourcing Firm
  • Chief Administrative Officer, Back Office of a Leading Financial Services Company
  • Center Director, Leading Outsourcing & Offshoring firm
  • Director - Transition & Quality, Leading Legal process outsourcing (LPO) firm
  • Director - Finance, Leading Legal Process Outsourcing Firm
  • Director - Audit, Back Office of a Leading Financial Services Company
  • Executive Director, Back Office of a Leading Global Investment Bank
  • Senior Vice President - Quality, Leading Back office of a leading global investment bank firm
  • Senior VP - Facilities, Leading IT enabled business services provider
  • Vice President - Financial Accounting, Back office of a Leading Global Investment Bank
  • Vice President - Finance, a Leading Marketing Consulting firm
  • Vice President - Transaction Managerment Group, Back Office of a Leading Global Investment Bank
  • Vice President - Information Security, Leading Third party BPO firm
  • Assistant Vice President, Leading Business Process Outsourcing
  • GM - Healthcare, Leading Business Process Outsourcing firm