Pharmaceutical & healthcare

Talent Challenges

While specialised talent is critical for any knowledge industry, it is more so within the pharmaceuticals industry. Companies gain competitive advantage through primary or applied research and thus the need for specialised talent has become even more acute. The industry being a Research & Development (R&D) driven business, there is a high need for people with both technical as well as practical knowledge and skills. Across all the levels of the industry value chain, there is an intense requirement of talented people to discover, develop, license, manufacture, market and monitor medicines.

Our Perspective

Word of Mouth is a critical driver of talent in this industry. We have consultants having a strong network with employees working in different companies across various levels. These employees understand not only their role, but also have a keen understanding of the company and the industry as well. They are our best ambassadors, thus making colleague referrals an important source of talent.Wefocuses on the right-fit model; with a robust evaluation procedure conducted by our specialist consultants, and a strong reference checks procedure to source the best talent.We also manage complex national and international assignments that need the deployment of resources across different geographies.We specialize across all the disciplines including but not limited to:

Representative Searches

  • Chief Operating Officer, a Leading Hospital
  • Chief Scientific Officer, a Leading herbal healthcare and personal care products
  • Chief Financial Officer - Japan, a Leading Indian Pharma Company
  • Marketing Director, a Leading Multinational Medical Nutrition Company
  • Director - Pharma Business, a Leading Indian Pharma Company
  • Director - Business Development, a Leading MNC devices and Diagnostics Company
  • Director - Business Development Singapore, a Leading MNC Pharmaceutical Company
  • Director - Legal, a Leading MNC devices and Diagnostics Company
  • Director - Pharmacovigilance, a Leading CRO Company
  • VP & Global Head - Corporate Communications & Branding, a Leading Indian Pharmaceutical Company
  • Vice President - Pharmaceuticals, a Leading MNC Pharma Company
  • VP - Finance, a Leading Indian Pharmaceutical Company
  • Head Regulatory - Asia Operations, a Leading MNC Pharma Company
  • Head Supply Chain Service - Dubai, a Leading Generics Pharma MNC Company
  • Head - India Operations, a Leading CRO Company